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It's not just top athletes who need help following an injury. Ache Away provides sports massage to help with injury rehabilitation and post-operative recovery. We'll assess your injury and put together a treatment programme tailored to your specific situation.

Sports massage speeds the healing process on a number of levels. It enhances flexibility, releases tension and helps to break down scar tissue. Not only that, it works holistically, relaxing you, helping your mind, body and spirit recover, encouraging a positive outlook.

Our welcoming treatment room will put you at ease and help you relax while our sports masseur works on your injury.

Get back to optimum health with our support.

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Appointments are available at our centrally located treatment room 6 days a week meaning that you can get a consultation just when you need.


If you require assistance at club training sessions and events, we're always happy to come out to you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Injury rehabilitation with sports massage

Treating an ankle injury ICON